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How the Embedded Active IC Structure could Apply to Wearable Application with Ultra-thin and Low-RFI

Bumhee Bae (Senior Engineer, Samsung Electronics)

JongWan Shim (Senior Engineer, Samsung Electronics)

Younho Kim (Engineer, Samsung Electronics)

HyungGeun Kim (Principal Engineer, Samsung Electronics)

HarkByeong Park (Principal Engineer, Samsung Electronics)

Location: Ballroom B

Date: Wednesday, January 31

Time: 2:00pm - 2:40pm

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Track: 01. Signal & Power Integrity at the Single-Multi Die, Interposer, and Packaging Level

Audience Level: All

Format: 40-Minute Technical Session

Vault Recording: TBD

Audience Level: All

For compact design of the product, the package and PCB structure of wearable devices are required to become ultra-thin. Therefore, it is greatly needed to develop new package and PCB structure to fulfill low-RFI performance without thickness losing. In this paper, we propose a novel embedded active IC structure. The structure could achieve both ultra-thin and low-RFI. For fabricating proposed structure, we expect that the process cost is very low, because we could use conventional PCB process with mechanical process for forming cavities. The cavity surface of a wall could be plated, so the RFI issue is greatly reduced by using proposed structure. An issue, which we have to solve for applying to the product, is test method, because it is difficult to directly probe to the test point in the embedded structure. Therefore, in this paper, the eye diagram recovery method is proposed as well.


For ultra-thin wearable application with low RFI, a new package/PCB structure is essentially required.
The novel embedded active IC structure and the test method for the structure could be one of the solution for the application.

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