April 5-7, 2022|Santa Clara Convention Center| Santa Clara, CA

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Generalized ccICN (Component Contribution Integrated Crosstalk Noise)


Se-Jung Moon  (IO architect, Intel)


Zuoguo Wu  (Senior Principal Engineer, Intel)

Mohiuddin Mazumder  (Senior Principal Engineer, Intel)

Karsten Stangel  (Analog Engineer, Intel)

Umair Khan  (Signal Integrity Engineer, Intel)

Masashi Shimanouchi  (Design Engineer, Intel)

Location: Ballroom H

Date: Wednesday, April 6

Time: 9:00 am - 9:45 am

Track: 01. Signal & Power Integrity for Single-Multi Die, Interposer & Packaging, 13. Modeling & Analysis of Interconnects

Format: Technical Session

Theme : Infrastructure

Education Level: Introductory

Pass Type: 2-Day Pass, All Access Pass

Vault Recording: TBD

Audience Level: Introductory

PCI SIG (peripheral component interconnect special interest group) adapted the ccICN (component contribution integrated crosstalk noise) for PCIe CEM (card electromechanical) specification in limiting the connector crosstalk for 32Gbps NRZ (non-return to zero). The usage resolved issues and limitations of the traditional methodology based upon the limit line-based specification. When PCIe 6.0 utilizes the PAM-4 modulation scheme, the ccICN is generalized for component crosstalk assessment for PAM-N (pulse-amplitude modulation-N levels). In this paper, we introduce the generalized ccICN methodology and validate.


This paper introduces the generalized ccICN for the PAM-N signaling, which is a metric to capture crosstalk noise at a receiver when a component within a channel creates crosstalk.