April 5-7, 2022|Santa Clara Convention Center| Santa Clara, CA

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Making Transit Modernization Accessible: Lessons Learned


Nirit Glazer, Ph.D.  (CEO, LookingBus)

Yariv Glazer  (CTO, LookingBus)

Location: Ballroom C

Date: Wednesday, April 6

Time: 11:15 am - 12:00 pm

Track: Drive World - Advanced Automotive

Format: Technical Session

Theme : Autonomous, Infrastructure

Education Level: All

Pass Type: 2-Day Pass, All Access Pass

Vault Recording: TBD

Audience Level: All

LookingBus helps transit agencies become accessible for people with disabilities by utilizing AI to
notify drivers when riders with disabilities are waiting at the upcoming stop. When autonomous
shuttles are involved, LookingBus also deploys hardware consisting of Road-Side Units (RSU) that
are mounted on the bus-stops and On-Board Units (OBU) that are attached on the vehicles. Current
autonomous shuttles utilize a safety operator who can determine when to make accommodations
for people with disabilities such as opening the ramp for people in a wheelchair. However, once
these vehicles become more autonomous without an operator, riders with disabilities will be
excluded from modernization. This is where LookingBus comes into play, ensuring that everyone
can be a part of this by making all vehicles accommodating for people with disabilities. With
LookingBus, riders with disabilities schedule a trip through the LookingBus mobile application.
When they arrive at the transit stop, their reservation is retrieved by the RSU and transmitted to the
OBU on the shuttle when it is approaching the stop to trigger relevant accommodations, making
sure that the rider makes it on the shuttle safely.

The presentation will elaborate on the technological solution and will share challenges and lessons
learned relating to the development and optimization of our infrastructure including energy
efficiency, sensor weather protection, in-vehicle positioning, resistance to vehicle movements,
safety, and security.