April 5-7, 2022|Santa Clara Convention Center| Santa Clara, CA

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Barry KatzDirector RF/EM/SI/AMS / President/CEOMathWorks, Inc. / SiSoft

Barry Katz is Director of Engineering for RF, Electromagnetics, Signal Integrity and Mixed-Signal at MathWorks. He also serves as president and CTO of Signal Integrity Software (SiSoft) where he continues to oversee the business and leads the team responsible for the Quantum Channel Designer and Quantum-SI product families. In 1993, Barry began his career at Digital Equipment Corporation as a senior software engineer where he developed signal integrity tools to support the design of the Alpha microprocessor. Then, in 1995, Barry founded SiSoft, a software and consulting services business focused on high-speed system design. At SiSoft, Barry successfully launched multiple product lines, including Quantum Channel Designer, a DesignCon DesignVision award winner and Quantum-SI, a DesignCon DesignVision award finalist. Throughout his career, much of his focus has been devoted to providing signal integrity solutions to problems faced by high‑speed system designers. Barry has had a major influence on the signal integrity methodology utilized by numerous companies and has personally led multiple signal integrity design teams. He was the founding chairman of the IBIS Quality Committee. Barry holds an MSECE degree from Carnegie Mellon and a BSEE degree from the University of Florida.